Ivan Duque Wins First Round of Colombian Presidential Election

BOGOTÁ, Colombia— Ivan Duque, a 41-year-old protégé of former right-wing President Álvaro Uribe, won the most votes in Sunday’s presidential election by pledging to bring order and improve a sluggish economy while strongly opposing neighboring Venezuela’s authoritarian government.

With 98% of all votes counted, Colombians had given Mr. Duque 39.1% of the vote among a field of five main candidates who offered starkly different proposals for modernizing a country that, until recently, was locked in a half-century-long guerrilla conflict.

That fell short of the more than 50% he needed to win outright. Now, Mr. Duque will face off in a June 17 runoff against the candidate who finished second in the voting, Gustavo Petro, a former Bogotá mayor and ex-guerrilla from the long-defunct M-19 movement of the 1970s and ’80s.

Sergio Fajardo, a former mayor of Medellín, finished a close third.

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